Jewelry Care

Handcrafted items can sometimes need special care.  In order to best take care of your items, please read the following information. 

General information:

Do not shower, sleep, expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals, or exercise while wearing.

Apply hairspray, lotion, and skin care products BEFORE putting on your jewelry.  

Do not clean with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or abrasive fabric.

Avoid intense and/or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Do not bend, untwist or try to take out the stones.

For light cleaning:

You can use a drop of dawn dishwashing detergent and a small gentle cloth or toothbrush, scrub lightly, rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean soft cloth. For natural copper, you can also rinse for 30 seconds in 2-3 tbsp of Worcestershire Sauce or clean with ketchup (I suggest reading up on these methods first), rinse beneath lukewarm water, then pat gently with a clean, dry, and soft cloth. Allow to dry completely before storage (preferably in a zip-lock bag).

Please note that these are just some techniques to try, and before using any of them take into consideration the beads, crystals, gemstones, etc. in your jewelry piece. I am not endorsing any one way or method, merely providing you with information for your use regarding cleaning techniques that I am aware of, and none of these cleaning methods will prevent tarnish. 


Copper will age or patina with wear and use and is not treated to prevent this natural oxidizing process.  To avoid patina, you can scrub your copper lightly with a fine steel wool pad and rinse.

I have included a small jewelry polishing cloth and an anti-tarnish tab to help keep your jewelry looking its best.