Crystal FAQs

Are your crystals ethically sourced?

            I do my best to work with vendors who have ethically sourced crystals.  Although I cannot 100% guarantee it since I am not directly involved in the mining of these minerals. 

Can you identify a crystal for me?

            I can do my best; however, I cannot guarantee it unless it was bought through me.  However, if you do have a crystal through me and would like to verify it, please email me. 

Will I receive the exact crystal in the picture?

            No.  Unless the posting is for a single specific crystal (as stated in the description) you are not likely to receive that exact crystal. I do my best to choose your crystal with intuition and guidance.

Candle FAQs

What are intention candles?

            Intention candles are made with flowers, herbs and crystals which correspond to particular ideas, energies, and purpose that work together toward a goal.  The idea is as you burn these candles you are reminded of your goals and intentions and can release those intentions/energy to the universe to help manifest these desires into reality. 

What crystal is in my candle?

            I choose crystals for each candle with intuition and according to their energy correspondences.  Many of the crystals I use are pictured on my website, however, if you would like help identifying any of the crystals in your intention candle you can send a picture to primtentions@gmail.com and I would be happy to help. 

What do I do with the container when my candle is finished burning?

Reuse it!  When your candle is done burning it has done its work.  Simply clean out the container of any debris (be sure to keep your crystal(s)!) and use it as you wish.  They make great storage containers for your crystals, hair ties, pins etc. 

Are the candles scented?

No.  I do not use artificial fragrance oils in my candles.  Some candles will contain essential oils however they may not give off much of a scent.  I try to keep my candles as natural as possible and keep with the botanical and crystal magick.  Artificial fragrance oils have no value in this sense.  Any scent which may come from the candle will be from the botanicals or essential oil (if added) in the candle. 

Do you do custom intention candles?

Please email me at primtentions@gmail.com and I would be happy to discuss.

Jewelry FAQs

How do I care for my Jewelry?

Please check out our jewelry care tips

Shipping FAQs

As I hand make these items, some items may take 10-14 days to ship, however shipping times may vary. If there is a delay I will contact you directly to keep you updated.    

I ship via USPS unless otherwise noted. 

It is the customer's responsibility to file any claims due to lost/stolen/damaged packages as it is out of my hands once the items are shipped.

No returns, exchanges or refunds on any items. Please message me or email me if you have a problem with your order and we can discuss.