Recently my personal life has taken a number of hits. My mood was spiraling downward and my energy was sapped, becoming restless and rapidly losing interest. Coming home After work was draining. After speaking extensively with Jeannette, she recommended a few different crystals to provide grounding and an energy change.

I ordered from her and my box came rapidly and we'll packed with a wonderful, hand written note of thanks for supporting her and her business. I went through the different crystals and arranged them in a pattern I felt was most beneficial. After doing so I left and went out for dinner. It was roundabout an hour, and when I returned my room was different! It was brighter and more cheery than when I'd left. The energy had changed!

They've been displayed about a week now and even my mood has rebounded! Thanks Jeannette for listening and your help in selecting the right crystals for the situation! They're beautiful and are working wonderfully!