Intention Candle - Self Love

When I first got this candle, I noticed how well it was packed, the personalized note and the simple directions were very refreshing. As a top reader at keen- I know how much self love and self care is important to not only me, but my clients. Jeannette's candle was EXACTLY what I needed, when I needed it. I lit the candle, and I felt a wave of love from Jeannette and our 17 year friendship. Its like she knew I needed this candle. After burning for about 6 hours- thought the candle would be done. I was wrong, it was only 1/4 of the way burned.

day 2--- its important to remember self love isn't just baths and mimosas. Its painful, its healing, its getting rid of the toxic people. Good bye to those dating apps. Good bye to all the old photos of my ex.

day 3---the candle is 2/3 burnt. I look at it, and again, being a reader- I see shapes-- a dragon, a dinosaur, a skull. All having meaning, and then, I get big mad. like really pissed off- at myself. Again- self love isn't just false masks and sleeping late- its healing. I get mad at how I allowed people to treat me, how I treated myself

day 4--- just a little bit left of the candle- and, I'm sad- I like this candle. I'm also sad because I realized I had to cut off one of my longest friends. because- self love.

I think I burned this candle for about 24 hours. During that time it felt like Jeannette was with me the entire time, I felt her love, her dedication, her gift in this candle.

-Stacy Johns