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Palo Santo

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Ethically sourced Palo Santo sticks.  

Palo Santo, literally meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, is a wild tree native to the countries of Ecuador & Peru. The wood's essence is believed to energetically clear a space of any lingering stagnant energy.

Burn these sticks to cleanse your space, your energy field, and ward off evil spirits. It can be used to aid in meditation or relaxation as the smoke is believed to clear negative energy and restore tranquility and calm emotions. It has a earthy, sweet and somewhat citrusy smell.

How to use:  Light and let burn for 30 sec before blowing it out and allow the smoke to disperse in your environment.  You can hold it in your hand or put on a heat safe dish or incense burner.  

CAUTION:  Be careful not to burn yourself, use heat safe items, and fire safety. 

This Palo Santo is ethically sourced. I purchase from an organization who works alongside environmental agencies such as MAGAP (Ecuador), SERFOR (Peru), & the USDA (US) to support the protection & reforestation of the South American Dry Forests.
No living trees are EVER cut in the making of this Palo Santo. It is collected only naturally fallen trunks and branches from the dry forests of Ecuador & Perú.
They partnered with a network of native community associations who act as the gatekeepers & stewards of the forest while overseeing the sustainable management & ethical trade of their natural forest resources. It is all gathered in nature, split by hand, and exchanged with Love, by the multi-generational families of the forest to help bring Palo Santo's incredible essence to its innumerable loved ones around the world.
They also ensure sustainability by planting new trees annually!